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HubSpot Adds Drag-and-Drop Functionality to the Landing Page Builder

Hubspot has just launched their new drag-and-drop landing page creation tool enabling marketers to build customized landing pages without having to use Design Manager or write custom code.

With this addition, marketers will be able to build landing pages in minutes using the same editor you use to build emails.


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With the drag and drop editor, you can set up and customize the layout and styling of your HubSpot landing pages without accessing stylesheets or templates.

This will enable content creators to build a multitude of landing pages with various purposes and layouts, without ever fumbling with code or having to build new templates for small layout changes.


How HubSpot Drag-and-drop Landing pages help marketers?

Before the addition of drag-and-drop, building a landing page in HubSpot required users to build a custom template using a developer, fumble around in the Design manager tool (which can be confusing for non-technical users) or clone an existing landing page template which doesn't allow for much customization.

With the new drag-and-drop feature, marketers and content creators have full control over the design and layout of their landing pages from directly within the landing page creation tool and no-longer need to write custom code or create templates in Design Manager.

This is a game-changer for smaller agencies who don't have immediate access to a developer and will empower content creators to build customized landing pages on HubSpot without code.


How to build a HubSpot Drag and Drop Landing Page

Since the tool is still new, the development of the drag-and-drop template will still need to be coded by a developer.

Once the template is built, agencies should be able to use it for a variety of use-cases and clients and projects.

If you want to start creating customized landing pages, reach out to our HubSpot CMS Development team or click the blue button below to be notified when our customizable landing page template becomes available.


Once your drag-and-drop template is built, just go into Marketing > Website > Landing Pages as you would when creating a "normal" landing page. Click Create Landing Page in the top right, select the drag-and-drop landing page template you want to use and you'll have access to the new drag-and-drop tool!