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The Benefits of Building a Website on HubSpot CMS

Most agencies and marketers know that HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core.
Many are still unaware that HubSpot has built a world class CMS into their already-awesome marketing automation product, enabling businesses to build and host a professional-grade website with HubSpot and connect it seamlessly to their entire marketing funnel.
With drag-and-drop editing for effortless content management, enterprise level security, and the fastest loading time of any CMS on the market, there's a good reason why G2 Crowd named HubSpot CMS as the world’s top Web Content Management System based on both customer satisfaction and market presence.
As a technical HubSpot Agency partner, we've gone all-in on HubSpot CMS for our client websites as we truly believe it's the best option on the market for building and managing great CMS websites.
Here's why:


Simple website content creation and management

The aspect our clients love most about HubSpot CMS is how easy it is for just about anyone to manage the website without needing to know code.
With HubSpot CMS, content creators can easily create blog posts, build landing pages and update website content all from one clean and intuitive editing interface.
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 12.47.26 AM
In addition, content creators can use drag-and-drop modules to modify any page, create new pages by selecting from one of thousands of templates on the marketplace or have a developer build customized templates from scratch.
And any content you create within HubSpot (or templates you get from the marketplace) is automatically optimized for mobile without any additional work required.
The HubSpot CMS makes creating and managing web content seamless so your team can focus on more high impact work.


Website + CRM data working together, all-on-one platform

If your Website's CMS isn’t linked to your marketing automation platform, you have to manually integrate everything which adds a lot of complexity. HubSpot CMS eliminates the need for disconnected tools by hosting your content on one integrated platform.
With HubSpot CRM + CMS your website and contact data work together allowing you to personalize website content, sync leads directly with your CRM, and chatbots can connect visitors instantly with your marketing, sales or service teams.

Content personalization

The majority of sites people use today -- Facebook, Google, and Amazon to name a few, all tailor experiences to user behavior and interests; those same users now expect this type of content personalization on all  websites they visit.
Personalizing website content helps brands build deeper relationships with their website visitors and has proven to boost conversion rates as well.
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 12.49.46 AM
HubSpot's Smart Content feature enables you to dynamically tailor your website's content to individual visitors based on your CRM data, from demographic information, past interactions with your brand and more.
You can take all the insight you have on your website visitors and tailor the experience to each individual, yielding more engaging website content, return visitors and better conversions.
HubSpot CMS has everything you need for a high-converting website already included, and you'll be able to use the integrated CRM to easily personalize the entire experience for visitors; it's truly a game changer.

Conversion tools, live chat and chatbots


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 6.15.57 PM

Traditionally, live chat or conversion tools meant adding another plugin or software to your website creating more complexity and potentially requiring custom coding.

With HubSpot, all the conversion tools you need to engage and convert visitors - from website forms to pop-up forms and chatbots - are included out-of-the box; no additional software required. 

Start conversations with website visitors using live chat included with HubSpot CMS and create bots to qualify leads and capture interest from your website content.
Conversations are automatically synced and stored to HubSpot CRM for seamless connectivity with your sales and marketing teams.


Speed, Security and Reliability

Speed, security, and reliability are at the core of HubSpot CMS and complexed processes that would normally be involved in a traditional website build such as: hosting, server updates and maintenance are all taken care of by a team of world class experts at HubSpot.


HubSpot CMS is built on a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure that loads fast no matter what device visitors are using or where they're located. In addition, they've made a significant number of enhancements to speed up websites hosted on HubSpot such as optimizing image sizes, compressing CSS and JavaScript, and more,  which equates to a faster loading site and a better experience for your visitors.
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 12.56.38 AM


With HubSpot CMS, website hosting and security are provided out-of-the-box which is not the case with many other CMS tools.
HubSpot CMS websites are backed by a dedicated security team constantly monitoring network health, 24/7 technical support, SSL encryption and automatic backups providing a level of protection unrivaled by other CMS providers.


Studies have estimated the cost of an SMB website going down to be between $50,000 and $100,000 per hour, which doesn't even include the potential impact on perception of your brand.
HubSpot CMS boasts a 99.999% uptime which means your site will consistently be available; and if one data center ever experiences an interruption, another location will automatically take over so that you won't lose visitors.


Reporting and website analytics

Find out which prospects are on your website, how many sessions you are generating, which visitors are engaging with content, what devices they're using and the number of leads ultimately being driven from your website.
Track individual pages and overall site performance within HubSpot CMS along with breakdowns of where traffic is coming from, bounce rate, and more, all from one beautiful reporting interface.
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 12.43.01 AM 



The HubSpot app ecosystem boasts over 300 custom integrations and already includes many of your favorite non-HubSpot tools. HubSpot CMS has powerful integrations with apps like SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, Wistia, Zendesk, and many more of the tools used by teams across the web.
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 12.57.45 AM


A delightful developer experience

Developers enjoy building on HubSpot CMS because much of the back-end work is taken care of allowing them to focus on building great front-end user experiences.
HubSpot CMS Local Development Tooling connects developers' local workflows to HubSpot allowing them to utilize version control, code in their favorite editor and leverage various other web development technologies when developing on the HubSpot CMS.
In addition, HubSpot CMS has a built-in staging environment for testing new features, database driven content capabilities, a familiar templating language, and provides an overall reliable infrastructure that allows developers to be more productive.
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Drive Agency is a technical HubSpot Agency Partner and certified HubSpot CMS developer in New York City.