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Guide: How to Use the Blog Post Template with Scroll Spy in the Generator Theme

Step-by-step guide

The blog post template included in the Generator theme offers a versatile solution for various content types, from conventional blog posts to how-to guides and user documentation.

One of its standout features is the Scroll Spy navigation, which automates the creation of clickable navigation links based on your content headers. These navigation links automatically highlight as you scroll through the content, providing an enhanced reading experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to utilize this powerful feature effectively.


Step 1: Install Generator

To get started, you'll need to install the Generator theme from HubSpot's marketplace. Simply navigate to HubSpot's marketplace, locate the Generator theme, and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, you'll find the blog post template, along with a range of other pre-built templates, in your HubSpot account, ready for use.

Click here to install the Generator Theme


Step 2: Select the Template

After installation, set the Generator theme's blog post template as your active template in your HubSpot account. To do this, go to your HubSpot account settings, select "Website," then choose "Blog." Navigate to the "Templates" tab, where you can set the Generator theme's blog post template as your active choice.

Screenshot-2023-12-09-at-12.12.55 PM


Step 3: Write Your Content

With the Generator theme's blog post template as your active choice, start crafting your content. Utilize h2, h3, or h4 headers in your content to allow the Scroll Spy feature to automatically generate navigation links. These headers will serve as anchor points for your readers to navigate your content seamlessly.


Step 4: Configure Your Settings

To make the most of the Scroll Spy feature, configure the module settings according to your preferences. You can select which headers to track and choose the link styles that best match your website's design and branding.




And that's it! With the Generator theme's blog post template and the Scroll Spy feature, you can create engaging and user-friendly content effortlessly. Let the template do the heavy lifting, providing your readers with a smooth and enjoyable reading experience while you focus on delivering valuable content. Happy blogging!